Dec 24, 2012

Turkey in a blik

On Saturday my friend Janine popped round to see if I was OK. She had sent me 2 sms messages which I hadn't replied to and she thought perhaps I was ill. No, I wasn't ill - I just didn't check my phone. I am one of those people who forget all about their phone and don't think to check for messages. If I hear it ring, I answer it. If I need to contact someone then I will use my phone but apart from that I can go for days without even thinking about it. Some people are permanently attached to their phones but I am not one of them. Anyway, the other reason she came was to invite us for a pre Christmas "turkey in a blik". For those of you who do not know what that is, a "blik" is the Afrikaans name for a tin. Basically what you do is cook the turkey on a skewer inside a tin with hot coals surrounding the tin.You can actually cook any kind of meat this way and the meat is the best you have ever tasted!

Our hosts, Janine and Rod Boaden.
We met Janine and Rod when we moved into our first house 29 years ago. They were our neighbours from 2 doors down. We had Kyle who turned a year soon after we moved in and they had a little girl, Taryn who was 18 months old. We soon became really good friends and still are to this day. The Boadens ended up with 3 daughters and we had 3 sons. Our children were friends and we went away on holidays together. Special people, special memories.
It was a beautiful evening and we all sat outside next to the pool. The building on the right is a granny flat built originally for Granny Boaden. Now Marian, Rod's sister lives there. Marian is the lady with the white hair and the purple top. Also there were Biddy and Ian and the 3 Boaden girls. taryn is married to Simon and they have a gorgeous little boy, Evan, who is 18 months old, the same age Taryn was when we first met. In the background to the right of the chair is the "blik" containing the turkey. The coals are on top and around the base of the "blik".
   Taryn and Simon -  I caught them just as they had taken a bite of food, hence the closed mouths!
 Thirsty boy! Evan having a drink from Aunty Donne's glass. Donne is the youngest of the 3 Boaden girls.
Evan and Taryn having a dip to cool off. He really enjoyed being in the water and didn't want to get out.

Chez also decided to cool off a bit.
I just love this photo of the two of them.
The very pretty setting for our meal.
Thank you Rod and Janine for a lovely meal with great food and special friends.

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  1. Great photos and lovely to see everyone. Evan is very cute :0).