Nov 4, 2012

Surprise visit

Some of the team waiting to bat.
Yesterday it was my turn to go and watch our Grade 3 children playing mini cricket.These were the first matches they have beenable to play this term because of all the rain we have been experiencing. For the last 6 weeks it has rained every weekend. Needless to say everyone was very happy to be out there in sunshine.

Mark and Jack scoring runs

After watching the cricket and chatting to parents for a little while I left to go to school. School on a Saturday? I'm afraid so. I do not like to start the new week on a back foot so if I don't get everything done I go back to school over the weekend. Then I can start my week with a clear conscience and be fully prepared. Pity the parents don't realise that we don't stop working when the children go home! You would be surprised how many parents think teachers leave school when the children go home. Last week was a particularly busy one for me. On Friday I had to leave early to go to renew the license  for Ciaran's car. This involved a trip to the municipal offices - not a place you want to find yourself in on a Friday afternoon! Whilst sitting there I realised I might not have enough cash on me to pay for it - cash and cheques only are the preferred method of payment. When it was my turn I asked the lady to first tell me how much it was going to cost. I only had R610.00 in notes in my purse She told me and you won't believe it but after scraping together my small change I was able to make the R625.60 - only just! Add on another Rand or two and I would have had to return another day because by this time it was 13:50 and they close at 14:00. After that it was back to school but I hadn't finished what I needed to do by the time I had to fetch Chez, hence my decision to go to school on Saturday.
Anyway, why am I telling you this you may wonder. Well, whilst at school shortly before I was ready to leave, I had a phone call. I thought it was Chez phoning to ask when I was coming home and would I get something for lunch on my way home. It wasn't Chez. It was my brother Robin. He wanted to see if I was at home and could he pop in for a visit. We don't see much of Robin so I was delighted he wanted to visit. I told him I was leaving shortly and would be home in the next three quarters of an hour so he said he would see us later.
After finishing up I stopped off at the shop to get something for lunch and headed home. Robin duly arrived but with his arm in a sling. It turned out that he had been working on his motorbike and was testing it out on the driveway when on his last test run the front slipped out on a wet, muddy patch and he came off. It was then that he noticed his wrist wasnot looking like it should - there was a bone at sticking out ata very strange angle! His neighbours who were on their way out insisted he phone someone to take him to hospital. They waited with him and listened to the conversation to make sure he did actually get assistance. After that it was  trip to the hospital where they did not even need x-rays to confirm it was broken. He was sent home with his wrist in a cast and told to return to see the specialist on Monday. This he did and after x-rays to assess the damage he was booked into hospital for an operation to put a plate in that evening. I asked Robin if he had taken a photo of his arm after the accident - I mean, isn't that what everybody would do as proof of injury??? He was actually disappointed that he hadn't thought to do that, however, he informed us - I do have the x-ray and it's not pretty!
                   Robin - the baby of the family!

I was surprised that he was driving so soon after and he admitted that he probably shouldn't be but work had insisted he come back in so he had to drive to work. He also admitted that he had probably been doing a bit too much. His hand and fingers are still very swollen but if you know my brother, that is so typical him! Anyway, speedy recovery Robin :)  xx
                                                                                Robin's work bakkie