Dec 19, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

Above is the table on the veranda where I sit and do a lot of my work.

Whew! Where does the time go? I have so many good intentions but life gets in the way. Now we are on holiday again. School closed for the children on 7th December and teachers continued until the 11th and I continued until the 17th. Plus I am still doing school stuff at home. If you are a foundation phase teacher, particularly year 1, then you will understand. I have an additional problem in that I need to have a major cleanup/clearout in preparation for leaving next year. Amazing how much stuff you hang on to in case a) you might need it  b) you will use it again or c) it might come in handy...... Truth is, if you don't use it now, chances are you're not going to next year or the next one either so get rid of it. Good advice but guess who has not followed it in the past? I spent 3 days going through boxes and files, sorting and throwing out or refiling. I am still not finished but I do feel I did make a significant dent in the pile. I should have taken a before and after photo but I didn't.

Up until now I have not really felt very "Christmassy". I think living in a hot country is partly to blame. Once we go on holiday then I start realising that I'd better get my act into gear so the first thing we did was  buy a Christmas tree. In the past when the boys were small we always used to drive to Gillits 12 days before Christmas to buy our tree but now we get it from The Round Table much closer to home. You also know that the money raised from the sale of the trees is used to help others. We chose a 2 metre tree which cost R200. Back home we had to find the stand and bucket that we use every year. I know this was a day late but better late than never. Right now I can't get my Christmas tree picture to load the right way up. I may have to add it at a later date once I have sent my sister a "Help me!" message.

After seeing a friend's beautiful tree I decided that I wanted to make some bunting to hang on our tree. It looked very sad and empty standing in the bucket and I thought the bunting would make it look more festive. Also, only 1 set of our lights was working and they looked a bit sparse. definitely some bunting will be in order. So, off I went to waste Centre to buy some material, bias binding and a pair of pinking sheers. Last time I made bunting I borrowed my friend Janine's scissors but thought that it was time I had my own. I chose red and white for my colour scheme.

My 4 different choices of material

I made a cardboard template then drew the lines on my material before cutting out my triangles using the pinking shears. This is probably the most time consuming part of the process.

The cut out triangles ready for attaching to the bias binding
Just checking to see how I want to place them
... and  now the sewing begins
Me getting stuck in - photo courtesy of Caelen
Bunting on the tree
And now for some random photos of Christmas bits and bobs to make us feel festive - even if it is jolly hot.
I just love this Father Christmas. He was given to me by one of the little boys in my class at the end of the year. Ben's mom told me that she always likes to give the teacher something for Christmas. What a lovely idea and a lasting memory of Ben. Both my boys were startled when they came home late at night to see a little man standing next to the Christmas tree. I always have to smile when I look at him. Thank you, Ben - I love him!

Here he is again - in close up

hope, peace, love

4 angels!
the tree
Rudolph, candle, beaded tree and hearts
This is going to be our last South African Christmas - next year we will be in England. What a contrast! Unfortunately Ciaran won't be with us. He will be in the Seychelles for a wedding. Such is the life.....


  1. I love the bunting on the tree, might be something I'll consider copying next year. I was just looking at your ornaments and thinking how different some of them are to ours - more of an African theme going on :) Love the little beaded stars and tree xx

  2. I have chosen some with African theme with next year in mind. Have got my first ornaments for you, Claire , Mum and Kay to start new Christmas tradition of exchanging an ornament. Warn the others for me so you might be able to pick something in the sales after Christmas

  3. I personally like the 4th angel ;) xx

  4. Then I better warn you, Emily has a little tree in her room too :) xx

  5. Thanks for that. I'll add her to the list. Best I go back and get a few more. Thought I'd ask Emma if she wants in too - we could end up having very well decorated trees!!!