Dec 27, 2012

Our Christmas

Coffee for Chez and myself and tea for Caelen before we start opening presents. I took a couple of photos but wasn't happy with them so no photos of that.

I can now say Christmas Day 2012 successfully ticked off the list. It seems to take ages to get here then rushes upon us too quickly then it's all over. Caelen woke up around 6 which is early for him. I was already awake and up so it just remained for Chez to come downstairs which he duly did and we were able to open presents. There were a couple of surprise ones for Caelen and Chez which they liked so all was good.

Later on my brother Robin arrived followed by Tyrone and Bevis, two of Caelen's friends. They spend a lot of time at our house and feel like part of the family so it was great that they joined us. We were just missing Ciaran but I am sure he was having a wonderful time in the Seychelles.

 Checking out the new golf magazines
Tyrone was happy to smile for the camera
We started off with snacks out on the veranda while the turkey, gammon and lamb cooked in the Weber. Then for a starter we had prawn cocktail. Because I don't have a big enough table we dished up inside then sat outside to eat.

 I made the mayonnaise sauce to go with the prawns and decided to give it a twist. The twist was the addition of some hot homemade chilli sauce given to us by  a friend. Apparently it is so hot that Chez(who loves hot spicy sauces) doesn't even use it. Well, needless to say, the sauce had quite a bite! Robin opted to go for the straight version! The rest of us had the one with a twist - it was actually very nice - if you don't mind your mouth burning that is.

See, they all survived!
The turkey
Christmas lunch ready and waiting
Merry Christmas everyone
I didn't take any more pictures after that but we had peppermint crisp pudding and then played dominoes later. It was a very relaxed, chilled Christmas - our last one in South Africa.
I hope that wherever you are, whatever you did, you had a great Christmas too.


  1. Great to see the photos from Christmas - I had to laugh at the one of the guys, they look so happy to be having it taken ;) Well, you know what our Christmas was like and now we're looking forward to next year when you're here too :) xx

  2. I was happy to get any photos! Me too xxx

  3. Hi Norma ~ Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog today. :o) It looks like you had a lovely Christmas with lots of sunshine. I always love seeing how holidays are celebrated in other countries.

    BTW, I love your sister, Rhona! My daughter and I are planning a trip to England this spring and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we'll get to meet up in person. Happy New Year!