Dec 19, 2012

Braai Time

Last Sunday I decided it was time for us to have a family braai at lunchtime. I bought the meat, Caelen lit the fire, Ciaran cooked the meat and we all enjoyed the food for lunch before Caelen had to leave for work. The weather was beautiful and it was a lovely chilled relaxing day at home. 

Ciaran keeping a careful watch on the boerewors
Don't worry - I know what I'm doing
Man at work
Food's ready
Everybody's happy!


  1. Looks good!! Nice to see everyone (and a bit of sunshine). Next time you need to hand the camera over and get yourself in the photo too :) xx

  2. Methinks you need to take your own advice!!! Ha, ha, ha. You know what it's like - at school I am the one taking the photos at all the events so am in none of the photos myself - it's like I was never there! I agree though, we need to be visible now and then for future generations. Mind you, if Tomorrow is our last day on earth it won't matter!