Mar 31, 2013

Project Life Week 13

I have finished Week 13 of my 2013 Digital Project Life . There were so many pictures I could have put in this week but I restrained myself and kept it to just 2 pages, however, I think an extra page may be necessary to capture the essence of my last week at school.

The two little boys in the bottom right photo are from my class. They each sang a solo then the rest of the school joined in - OH MY GOSH!!!! I have the words from the song and they will definitely be added to my PL album.

The last 2 weeks of PL I did not post publicly because they feature lots of photos of the children in my class and I am not sure how the parents would feel about me posting on the internet so I err on the side of caution.

What I experienced teaching at Chelsea was unique. A whole bunch of ladies who all got on well with each other with no unpleasantness that you might commonly expect to find with so many females in such close proximity 5 days a week. Many of us go waaaaaaaaaay back and have become good friends. We have seen weddings, funerals, births of our children and births of our children's children. We are in fact a family.

The children we teach are special to us - we worry about them like we worry about our own children. We are proud of their accomplishments and feel an enormous sense of reward at the end of the year when our job is done. I hope I can experience just a fraction of that as I move into a whole different environment in the UK. First I hope I find a job. Surely, I ask myself, if I can teach in South Africa I can teach anywhere.


  1. I bet you have so many more photos you could include of this last week at school - I think an extra page may well become a reality once you're putting them into an album. Can't wait to be doing Project Life with you over here :) xx

  2. I know how you must feel, leaving behind such a big part of your life. I think we are all cut from the same cloth, as I felt quite emotional reading your last few posts. Fortunately, I'm sitting outside on the back porch and as Autumn is well and truly with us, it's dark out here. However, as you have said, it's more important to look at the road ahead and think about the journey. Keep the memories, relish them and remember the good ones, but think of all the new memories you have still to create.

  3. Thanks guys. Been there, done that for all of us. Guess we have itchy feet! At least we can say life is not boring. Autumn here too, Iain. My favourite time of the year is April/May when all that nasty humidity has gone and there is a little bit of coolness in the early morning and evening.Methinks, I am going to be a LOT cooler soon - can't say I am not looking forward to it! Rhona, so looking forwar4d to PL with you and the girls - will be such fun : ) xxxx