Mar 17, 2013

Time to reconnect revised version

Time to reconnect

Hi again,
I haven't posted for 2 weeks because my laptop decided to cease working whilst I was busy doing my Week 9 Project Life pages. One minute I was going strong, the next I had ground to a halt and was staring at a blank screen. It would not switch on at all. I changed the battery pack, swopped to different plugs, switched the router on and off but nothing worked so I had to admit defeat. I was very disappointed because I really enjoy my weekly PL fix at the weekend. Anyway, the good news is it is fixed and I have spent the last 2 days playing catch up! The results coming up now.......

As you can see from my pages it has been quite a busy time and on top of it I have not been well. I ended up at the doctor and was off school for 2 days plus still need ed the weekend and even then was still not feeling great. I had to get a repeat of my antibiotics making it a 10 day course instead of 5. Happily I can now say I am feeling much better. 

I also spent some time ( a considerable amount of time....!!!) scouring Pinterest and the internet for Freebies and ideas. I ordered a couple of digital items to start adding to my DS (Digital Stash). I want to try some things out for myself but right now I am under a wee bit of pressure because it is only another 6 weeks until Caelen and I leave Africa for the UK. I am going to miss Africa and .........too many things to mention but I have made my choice for the best of reasons and will be looking forward not back. I think Change and Forward are going to be my "Words" for 2013. 

Chez and I went to look at a flat this afternoon - oh my goodness! It was so small it could fit inside our downstairs living area and there would still be room to spare! If you close the 2 bedroom doors there is no light in the area they call the lounge. I don't think you can squeeze a double bed in either bedroom and the kitchen will only hold 1 person and our fridge won't fit. You can stand in the "lounge and see into every room in the flat. I could go on but will spare you the details. You may presume right we did not elect to take it further. I think Chez is quite worried that he and Ciaran will be out on the street if they can't find anything soon. Lots of prayers needed. 

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  1. I've just seen my comment didn't post. I like the 2013 card and the hello card. Love all the UShaka photos and the sunrise ones. So looking forward to doing PL together. Not long :) xx