Apr 3, 2013

Good friends

Another Farewell Gathering

A blast from the past when we all get together

I am finding it really difficult to find the right words to use for this post. How do I explain what these people mean to me and how much I will miss them when I leave. We do not see each other on a regular basis but when we do it is as if we have never been apart. I guess that is how it is with friends.I have worked with all of them, except Dallas, at Chelsea back in the days when it was still called Northway Junior Primary School. Dallas and I first met when we did OBE training when the first of many new curriculum changes were introduced. She ended up teaching with Sophia and then with Carol, both of whom worked at Northway/Chelsea. I could not leave without saying goodbye to them and others who have also been and gone at Chelsea, hence our lunch today. I do not have enough room at home so Di very kindly offered to have it at her house. As luck would have it today was cool and wet - unlike all the other days we have had these holidays! This, however, did not dampen our spirits one little bit.

Di,our hostess. 

Janine, Lynne and me

Janine, Di, Me , Les
Lynne, Sophia, Dallas and Carol

Les and myself

Carol and Debbie
....and the talk flowed!

There was a lot of catching up to do and the talk flowed along with lots of laughter. We had a lovely chicken curry with rice and salad followed by triangular cheesecake and apple crumble with custard. It was delicious.  It was a very happy occasion but reality hit in when it was time to say goodbye. I treasure the friendships and thanks to Facebook and the internet we will be able to remain in touch across the miles.

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  1. I glad you were able to enjoy this time together but I do feel for you when it comes to the goodbyes. Love you lots xxx