Apr 2, 2012


The Beach Promenade in front of uShaka
I can't believe that another week has passed already. We have had a busy time with Kyle and Emma being here so there hasn't really been time to blog. It didn't help that our internet bundle was capped on Thursday morning and we had to wait till 1st April before the new bundle kicked in. Mind you, we could have topped it up but we were going to the Game Reserve on Saturday so there wasn't really much point. I think a lot is to do with the boys' online gaming.They say it doesn't use much but with the amount of time they spend on it, I'm sure it mounts up quickly.
Looking back

The sign at the entrance to uShaka

What have we done this week? Well, on Tuesday I really was not feeling well and ended up sleeping the whole morning. We had a quiet day which I really needed as I am still feeling quite weak and really not myself. On Wednesday Kyle, Emma and I took a trip to uShaka Marine World. No one else wanted to come but seeing as the tickets cost R150 per person, maybe that was a blessing in disguise. When we got there we found that they only sell a combined ticket which is for the Wet ' n Wild water park and the Marine World. Very clever because even if you are not going to one you still end up paying for it.
Performing for the crowd

The dolphins showing the audience what to do with litter on the beaches
 First we went to watch the Dolphin Show. I have seen it before when we took the school children there on an excursion. I just love watching the dolphins - they are such magnificent creatures and so graceful.
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Impressing the crowd

After the dolphin show our next stop was Marine World which is inside this old cargo ship

Watching the fish

This brindle bass is enormous

 Mean looking shark

Kyle and Emma

The aquarium is housed inside an old ship. It is fascinating watching the fish swimming in large shoals but never bumping into each other.There are so many different shapes, sizes and colours. You get to see fish and sea creatures that you don't normally get exposed to. The sharks are particularly menacing and you feel as if they are staring straight at you. I also love the turtles - they swim so effortlessly and just glide slowly past as people stare in at them and they stare out at you.

The seal show

Next on the agenda was watching the penguins being fed. I must say they are very cute. A trainer explained different things about them and tried to be funny but was actually more embarrassing than funny. It was a bit of a disappointment. I didn't take any penguin pictures. From there we rushed over to watch the seal show. I did not know what to expect. It was actually quite entertaining. There was a bit of a story line with one poor unsuspecting member of the audience being roped in. The man they chose was actually very funny. He was from KwaMashu and appeared very nervous but he was a good sport. By the time it was finished we were feeling a bit peckish as it was after 2 o'clock. We were also tired from all the walking around from place to place so we headed off for something to eat before heading for home. All in all something different for Kyle and Emma.
The seal waiting for its signal to jump


  1. I vaguely remember passing a Marine World sign long ago on the way up the coast. Is it on the way to Salt Rock? So many changes have taken place since we left 16 years ago so I can't quite recognise the coast line. As usual, your photographs are stunning, Kyle and Emma will have many happy memories of their stay with you.I hope you are feeling a bit better and getting some rest. Lots of love. xxx Mum.

  2. Oh dear, typical senior moment. How stupid of me to not recognise the beach front. A closer look at your photographs made me realise that I could see the Stadium in the background. I can just see you all shaking your heads and saying "That's our Mum!!!"Maybe I should just stop making comments! xxx

  3. Norma! Congratulations on your blog. Your photos are absolutly stunning. I will enjoy being a follower.

  4. Great photos again Norma, it looks like you're having a fantastic time. Hope you start to feel a bit better soon. xx