Mar 28, 2012

Back home

A hazy view of the Durban skyline
Our time in the Berg is now just happy memories and lovely photos. It was a special time and one we will treasure. We are now back in Umhlanga Rocks and the first thing that hit me when we got home was the heat as we stepped out of the car. It is a different kind of heat compared to the Berg. The Berg is dry and hot. Here it is humid and hot. The other difference is the sound around us. In the Berg it is still and quiet. Here there is the constant background noise of the sea. I love the sound of the sea and how it changes from day to day. Sometimes you don't even notice it and at others it is a very definite presence - very loud with the waves crashing down on the shore.
Cooling down in the pool

Back home on the veranda

Dinner at Bangkok Wok
We arrived home at lunch time and decided to order pizzas. Then it was time to relax. The boys played X-box (what a surprise) and we sat and chatted outside. Caelen slept because he played golf at Champagne Sports Resort on Saturday then had a late night out with his friends who were also up from Durban. Kyle had his first swim in the pool while Emma and I sat with our feet in the water and watched. I thought that instead of cooking we could go out for dinner so we went to Bangkok Wok in the village. We are spoilt for choice. There are 12 restaurants within 2 mins walking distance of our complex. In fact, there are several others as well if you go a little further across the road or round the corner and even more if you want to get in your car and drive. We prefer walking to those nearest us. It was raining when we left home but by the time we got back the rain had stopped. Caelen opted not to come with us so we got a take away for him. A very pleasant end to the weekend.

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  1. The Durban skyline has certainly changed - I presume that's the football stadium you can see? Looks like you're having a wonderful time, enjoy :) xxx