Apr 9, 2012

Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Game Reserve

My previous post did not include any animals for a very good reason. I took over 300 photos and decided one blog would be about where we stayed and the next one would be more about the animals we saw, otherwise the blog would be too lengthy. Plus I had to decide which photos to choose. We were very lucky because on our way from the gate  entrance to Hilltop Campsite we saw quite a few animals. Before we had even reached our destination we saw warthog, rhino, elephant, zebra, water buffalo and buck.

Come on - let's get going
Our first rhino
Our first rhino then went on to join these three as they made their way deeper into the bush
Not much further on we came across this mother and baby crossing the road
They too headed off into the bush
This fella was our next "spot" after the elephants - slight difference in size!
I forgot about these guinea fowl - a bit out of focus but they were on the move
Zebra and buck - we saw a lot of these two animals
I love how each zebra has its own individual markings - no two are the same
Blue Wildebeest
How Ciaran spotted this little chap on our way to the hide I don't know - must have good eyes
Turned out there were a whole lot more!
Ciaran at the entrance to the hide - we did wonder about where the wild animals were. Thought this would be a great ambush spot for them!

Luckily Chez didn't spot this guy sorry, gal, above us. The guy is the little fella next to her leg.

As we came around a corner we encountered these two in the middle of the road. The one on the left was not happy to see us. If you look at his back right foot you can see it is in the air. He did a stamp and a jump as we stopped. They look like they have just come from a mud bath. We watched them for a bit but could see they were very edgy. They started coming towards us. We reversed a bit but they kept coming. Kyle was driving and I was next to him. Chez said just drive past them but I said no - I did not fancy being charged by two rhino! Right move - they got tired of us and disappeared back into the bush.

Come on - I dare you!!!
...and off they go
.....only to be replaced by the next group!
A totally unperturbed giraffe. There were a whole lot of them munching away.
Don't you love the markings? Each giraffe is different. I thought his were quite unusual.
This little chap was not happy to see us and made his displeasure known
Happy now that he has let us know how he feels
This one's bright blue plumage really stood out
A hoopoe
Another of Caelen's shots - not too sure what it is though!
...and he's away
Our final stop before heading home was a waterhole but as we approached this big baboon came bounding down the road closely followed by the rest of the troop. Change of plan - skip the waterhole and head off home! It was getting late anyway and the gates close at 6pm. so we had to be out of there pretty soon if we were to make the deadline.
...and here they come

Well, I must say we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the game reserve. I was glad that Emma got to see some of our wildlife. Something to talk about when she gets back home.

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  1. Norma, your photographs are stunning, so clear and the close-ups are great. You certainly saw a lot of wildlife, far more than we saw many years back. The crocodiles are really scary, I've never liked being near them.
    I'm so enjoying your Blog and Rhona's too, keeps us up to date with all the happenings.
    Lots of love to you all.
    Mum xxx