Mar 27, 2012

Family Time

The family after our adventure golf in really hot conditions - everyone still happy

I was just thinking how long it's been since we all went away together on holiday as a family - it would have been before Kyle left for overseas  which was pre 2000. That is a long time! This time together is long overdue and very special. It's wonderful to see how well the boys have just slotted back together as if Kyle had never been away. I must say I think we have a good vibe as a family. Lots of laughs - especially from Ciaran - and  lots of good natured banter. It must be quite different for Emma being in such an all male environment. She and the boys are getting on well which is really great. Everyone is chilled and relaxed.

On Friday we decided to have lunch  at The Waffle Hut. We spotted it when we were on our way to the cottages and thought it looked like a good place to try out. There is also a nursery, an adventure golf course and a curio shop selling rugs, candles and other bits and pieces. You can actually see the ladies weaving the rugs inside. Because Caelen hadn't eaten breakfast and was hungry we decided to eat first then play adventure golf. It was exceptionally hot but luckily there were shady spots where we could get out of the sun. Kyle really needed those because his feet were sunburnt. He didn't put suntan lotion on the tops of his feet and they ended up  bright red. When the sun beats down on that sunburn it is not fun!
Kyle and Emma
What to choose?
OK, not as easy as it looks
Ciaran and Caelen messing around with Chez

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