Jan 4, 2012

My first post of 2012

Early morning view from the veranda leading off our bedroom - top floor

I am a morning person. I love the early mornings, especially when I am on holiday. I get up early and come downstairs, make myself a cup of coffee and read my book of choice. Chez and the boys are still sleeping and the house is quiet and so peaceful before the day begins. I look out at the sea, sometimes the sun is already up, sometimes it is still just beginning to peep behind the horizon. If it is still dark I can judge by the birds if it is close to sunrise.

Ships passing - taken from our upstairs veranda

This morning when I woke up just before 5 a.m it was already light. The sea was flat and calm and the ships still had their lights on. We have a lot of ships anchored in front of us. Sometimes it is as many as twelve or more , sometimes just two or three. I always feel sorry for the crew on board these ships. It must be very boring sitting out there with the port so close. Recently it has been quite full. There is one in particular that is right in front of us that we have nicknamed 'The Rustbucket'. I think the name gives you a clue as to the state it is in. The picture below shows part of the ship that is visible sticking out from the building to our right. The view varies depending on the tide, wind etc. In the background you can just see a tanker on the horizon.

Part of  'The Rustbucket'.      Looking out from the lounge you can see 'The Rustbucket' in the background.

This is the last week of our school holidays. It was supposed to be our annual long summer holiday but this time we only got 3 weeks and 3 days. I know as a teacher we are lucky to have so many holidays but believe you me, we need them and so do the children. I went in to school yesterday to sort out a few things in my classroom. I told Chez I wouldn't be long - just over 3 hours later I got home. The teacher who took over my class for part of last year left the reading books in a real mess. I honestly don't know what she did. The books were all mixed up, not put back in the right places and totally mixed up. I took me nearly all of that time to sort them out. I shall have to have a word with her when we go back because that is so not how you leave someone else's classroom.

On a positive note, my books are all neatly packed and organised! I also set up the tent I bought to use as a reading area and added the cushions with the new cushion covers I made to match the bunting I have also made. I have a double classroom so there is space - it won't be for long because it is eventually going to be knocked down to make way for a new sports field but until that happens I will enjoy using the extra space. I will post a photo once I have the bunting up. Right now I have to stop and get started with the day. Ciaran has gone to work and Chez is now up too. Let the day begin.


  1. Yay! You're back in blogland :) Looking forward to reading your posts - you could even do photo a day and then have to post them ;) xxx

  2. Hello! I popped over from Rhona's blog and look forward to seeing what you're up to in SA.

  3. Hello! Norma sent me over to visit and I'm so glad she did. I love your photos - even the "Rust Bucket". *smile What a beautiful view!
    I love that you're a teacher.
    What grade do you teach?
    I'd love to see more photos of your corner of the world...I'm visiting you from Louisiana.

  4. Hello Norma! I've popped in via Rhona's blog and just wanted to say Hello from my corner of England. Looking forward to checking in on your blog and seeing what life is like in SA.

  5. Hi Norma, Happy New Year from Canada. I also came via Rhona's blog. I look forward to following your musings.

  6. Thank you ladies for your comments. I was so excited when I popped on a little while ago and saw I had 5 comments. I will definitely make a point of keeping it going.Rhona,a photo a day? You know me!!! OK - no promises but I'll do my best..... PS Thanks for the 'plug'

  7. Anonymous5/1/12

    I'm another visitor from Rhona's blog. I would love to have a view of the sea from my house!

  8. Hi Norma! I'm another visitor from Rhona's blog. :o) Have fun blogging and making lots of new lovely blog-friends. xo