Jan 7, 2012

The day so far

My early morning routine was slightly different today. Instead of making my coffee and reading my book I went Blog hopping and found some really great stuff for school. Before I knew it, it was time for me to get ready to go and meet my friend Les for coffee. We used to work together until she left and went to teach in a private school. We still get together regularly for coffee and a catch up session, though not as often as we would like. Anyway 2 cappuccino's and a lot of talking later we had managed to get up to date.

We met at La Lucia Mall at this coffee shop that you can see in the background with the green umbrellas.

On the way home I stopped at the top of the road that leads down to the street where we live. I wanted to get a shot of the view leading down towards The Promenade. It looks stunning out there today - perfect beach weather but a bit too hot for me.

From the top of the hill. Our road is on the left just before the lampost.

A bit further down.

This is our road looking towards the village. We are on the right a bit further down past the cars.

  First stop after unpacking was the pool. It was so hot outside that the soles of my feet were burning as I came up the stairs. Whilst sitting on the veranda having lunch Ciaran told me to look behind. There was a monkey perched on the dividing wall staring down at me. I ran inside and grabbed my camera - 'blog photo' was my first thought! We often get monkeys in our complex. Each troop sticks to a specific area and this cheeky fella was one of the the ones from 'our troop'. They come and go. Sometimes you don't see them for ages, then they're back again with babies clinging to their mothers. The babies look very cute and I love watching them as they play on the roof in front of us. You have to make sure there is no food around because quick as a flash it will be gone. We have spent many hours watching their antics. Some even venture inside your house. Caelen was confronted with one coming down the stairs one day. I don't know who got the bigger fright! These monkeys are quite brazen and not at all scared of humans. I must confess I don't mind watching them from a distance but am still quite nervous of them getting too close.

Here he is - cheeky chap! I'm not sure what it was that he was eating.

Making his escape down the neighbour's wall before heading towards the complex next door.

.........and along comes another one following his partner in crime

After leaving our place they go into this mango tree on the property next door
 Yesterday I mentioned that my sons were not keen on letting me take their photos. Well, look who we have here - my youngest son Caelen. I was delighted to get this photo of him. I actually took three but in the last one his hand was covering his face.

  Next is Ciaran, my middle son in his favourite place - the couch! He went out last night and was suffering a bit today  he is just 'chilling' .

Ciaran assuming the position!


  1. I'm not going to show Jon your photos, he's been talking recently about how he'd love to move back to SA and I have to admit, seeing these it brings back memories! Good to see the boys on the blog, I'll have to use them as an example to get photos of mine for my blog ;o) (is that the remote in Ciaran's hand? lol!! xx

  2. Would love it if you were here! Not too sure. If it's not a remote in his hand then it's his phone.